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Student Hacks 102: Common Problems with Quick Solutions

Looking back, we all remember our time spent in college as jocular with countless fond memories. But was it really all fun and adventurous? Students that are currently enrolled in college might have a different perspective on this, don’t you feel? Why is that so? It’s because they are undergoing both good and the bad… Read More

How Digital Literacy is important in the Classroom!

In 2021, digital literacy has become an essential skill in the world. We’re literally surrounded by a world that is virtual and digitalized. Digitalization that in fact, helped us connect and collaborate, and it has granted us opportunities and the chance to learn about important issues. Most significantly, it has helped us innovate and transform… Read More

Top 10 Graduation Gift Ideas!

Graduation is an important event of life, making the individual realize that a big chapter of their life has ended. Often, students can’t digest that they’re graduates when they give the final exam or see the results. They need the final goodbye – in the form of a graduation ceremony – because only after that… Read More

Benefits of Personal development

Personal development is particularly important for students because it helps in making more quality friends and working better in group projects. In life, one never knows when they might need someone to help them out of a difficult situation. It helps to be personally and emotionally mature to be in good books of everyone. A… Read More

How to Avoid Failing a Course Even If you Don’t Like it

Let’s be honest for once! Every start of the semester, we usually decide our schedule based on: a) Is any of my friends taking up this course? b) What is required to graduate? c) Are the timings convenient? c) is it easy? But we don’t give any consideration if the course is aligning with our… Read More

Three Golden Rules for Time Management in College

Ever felt like time has become your biggest enemy? Or do you find yourself racing against time? Then, you are not alone in this!   The problem with most college students is that they lack time management skills. When provided with tons of tasks and assignments, it gets tough for a college student to squeeze… Read More

How Can Students Hire The Best Dry Cleaners

Just as you are convinced that a write my assignment for me service is the way to go for getting your coursework done professionally, so is giving your dirty laundry to a dry cleaner the smartest choice. However, you have to make the right choice before deciding on your dry cleaner. Here are some tips… Read More

Why Is Online Shopping the Smartest Choice For Students

In today’s fast-paced world, people are looking for convenience and time saving options to manage as many tasks as possible. A student with a pile of coursework to complete within a specific duration prefers to contact an online writing company to buy an essay. Meanwhile, people shop online for clothes or just order food for… Read More

Bloom: Customise Your Opt-In Experience

An Overview Bloom, an email opt-in plugin, is everything a business needs to increase their email list. It is a tool that allows you to put your opt-in forms anywhere on your website, instead of placing them where allowed. Bloom gives you the authority to operate and control the ways through which the email opt-in… Read More

All Work And No Play Is Harmful For Students

“All work and no play makes Jack A Dull Boy” While all of us have heard of this popular saying, we are forced to ignore its implications. Compelled by the tough competition, students are pushing themselves to study hard so they can excel in school and secure a bright future for themselves. In this highly… Read More