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How to Avoid Failing a Course Even If you Don’t Like it

Let’s be honest for once! Every start of the semester, we usually decide our schedule based on: a) Is any of my friends taking up this course? b) What is required to graduate? c) Are the timings convenient? c) is it easy? But we don’t give any consideration if the course is aligning with our… Read More

Planning The Perfect Dissertation

Starting any task or process with a structured plan in place enables the task to be completed efficiently, as ideas are cleared, the process is streamlined and the visual mapping is coherent. When seeking perfection, when pursuing brilliance in your work ethic or when looking to write out the perfect dissertation piece, then it all… Read More

Top 5 Ways To Writing Your Dissertation Quickly And Effectively

The stress of dissertation writing is a feeling of being trapped within an incubator, which immerses your mind into a constant sense of gloom and doom. The process of dissertation writing isn’t particularly easy, as it entails an amalgamation of different sensibilities, it requires the writing prowess of a cultivated thought process, it demands the… Read More

Why Is Research So Important?

Whether you love it or hate it, research is something that plays a crucial role in different facets of our life. Research is important as it helps us to make more well-formed decisions and opinions based on facts, figures etc. and overall allows individuals to gain more knowledge. Be it regarding your job or assignment… Read More

How To Choose The Best Dissertation Topics

There is a sort of fear and utter dread associated with dissertation writing, it isn’t just detested, but students also prefer to shun the presence of it completely. They prolong, they procrastinate, and they dawdle around, but they never get around to working on the dissertation as they tend to find it as something, which… Read More