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Distinguish Between Your Strengths and Your Weakness

It is not always easy to accept your weaknesses and to maximise the extent of your strengths. For some, it is even harder to distinguish between the two of them. Thus, to prevent yourself from beating yourself up way too much, or letting a valuable opportunity slide due to your indifference towards your capabilities, understand… Read More

5 Revision Tricks To Save Hours of Time

Exams, although pestering, are imperative to the advancement of one’s academia. Without it, there will be no check and balance system in educational institutes. The growing populations of today’s times and the competitiveness it imposes on young candidates have deemed it even more important to gain excellent results. As the professional life is now divided… Read More

New Year’s Resolutions- Things You Need to Let Go Of

John Locke used the term, ‘tabula rasa’ or a blank slate to define his understanding of human beings. He believed that the newly born human was merely a blank slate, which could be filled with anything the society desires. The concept of tabula rasa also applies to the concept of motivation. For human beings, motivation… Read More

Key to Develop Leadership Qualities in Students?

Who does not want to see their child become a very great leader? It would have to be a very rare parent who could answer ‘yes’ to that question. So if everyone wants to see their child become a leader, then, theoretically speaking, we are looking at an entire younger generation of leaders, which is… Read More